Saturday, February 27, 2016

Investing Update 2/27/2016

According to to the graph on my Robinhood account, my account's return has normalized to the levels it was for the last half of December. It was early January when the market dropped, and now it looks like (my stocks at least) have come back up.

While Robinhood Instant is "released", there is a line right now to gain access to it. The app has the capability, it's just not available to everyone yet. I will be adding more money to my account once I have access to Robinhood Instant, so I don't have to wait 4 days to use my money once the transfer initiates. With RH Instant, when I initiate money to be moved to my account on a Monday, it will be ready "instantly" to make trades with.

At the time of writing this, I am in the top 6,000 in line of 136,245 people.

Year-To-Date Update

1/1/20162/26/2016Change since Jan 1st
Robinhood Portfolio Value$607.87$737.96$130.09
Money from my pocket$550.00$675.00$125.00
Gains/Realized & Unrealized$48.08$48.74$0.66

The table above shows the change in my Robinhood portfolio since the start of 2016.

Robinhood Portfolio Value = (Money from my pocket) + (Dividends) + (Gains/Realized & Unrealized)


No dividends this week.

Stock Purchase

No stock purchases this week.

2016 Investing Missions

  • Purchase and hold 25 different stocks that pay dividends: 15/25 - 60% Completed (Not counting Disney stock)
  • Receive $75 in dividends: $11.33/$75.00 - 15.1% Completed. The year is 15.8% completed, so currently, I am not at the pace needed to complete this yearly Mission.

You can click on the investing tab or here to see what stocks I currently have in my Robinhood portfolio.



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