Monday, February 15, 2016

Eating Breakfast Again

I am going to start eating breakfast again every morning. The habit of not eating breakfast probably started in college. I had a 14 meal/week dining plan, which was reserved for lunch and dinner. I've heard health/weight loss advice before saying to eat breakfast, and I think it's pretty common knowledge. Aside from this knowledge, I haven't been doing it. 

I am going to try and eat cereal every morning. I did this from ages 4 - 18, and I can do it again. I would like to eat Lucky Charms, but I know there are *somewhat* healthier options. I think cereal here is around $2.99/box and the milk I buy is around $2.99/carton. If I actually measure the cereal and milk out, both should have no problem lasting all week. $6.00 for both items, and it should last me around 5-6 days, so that's about $1/day for breakfast. I've been doing this recently, and I'm not as hungry for lunch, and I think it'll help keep me from eating too many calories throughout the day. 

Side Note - although two of the cereal brands below are General Mills, I'm still somewhat skeptical in investing in General Mills (GIS) right now. 



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