Monday, February 1, 2016

De-Cluttering Keys

Happy February!

If left unchecked, my key chain is another area that builds up with "stuff". There are a few reasons why I de-cluttered my key chain.

1. The weight of too many keys could potentially hurt the ignition of my car. I've heard of this happening in some cars, although I doubt it could hurt a Toyota. :) 

2. It was taking too much time to find the right key for the door I was entering. 

3. I had old keys from my former job and my house that I don't need anymore. 

This may not seem like a typical item to de-clutter, but I know whenever I clear out my wallet I feel better and lighter. I hope to have these same feelings now after de-cluttering my key chain. 

I took off 5 keys and 2 key rings. I hope to find a recycler to recycle these old keys, and am hoping it'll be as easy as taking them to a hardware store. Don't just throw old keys away! 

Lastly, I need to make some sort of tag on how to contact me in case I lose my keys. I have faith in humanity that if I lose my keys, and someone finds them, they'd call me to return them. 



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