Thursday, February 4, 2016

Budget Bytes - Blog

A site/blog I'm reading more and more is Beth has made this site very easy to read and very easy to understand. Each of the recipes has the dollar cost-per-serving, along with step by step pictures on how to create the food.

With the name "budget" in the name of the site, you might think there are minimal recipes with meat, since meat tends to be expensive. There are plenty of recipes with meat, although it's probably a healthy/normal portion of meat, and nothing like what we might consider "normal" (like eating a whole slab of ribs).

As I work towards cooking food that is healthy and cost efficient, I will be referring to this site a lot. Also, the step by step pictures help me a lot, because I need my hand held when cooking food. Lastly, Beth does a summary of every week's recipes, and within this summary she posts pictures of her receipts of the food she bought. For me, this proves that cooking on a budget can be done, and the average Josie/Joe can do it too.



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