Thursday, January 28, 2016

See you later, Best Friend

My best friend recently moved away. In the span of five months, we met, became best friends and then he moved away. Even though our time together was short, I still considered him my best friend. After going a year with having very few friends, let alone a best friend, I believe a higher power made our paths cross. I could truly be my 100% authentic self around him, and it took very little time for this to happen.

When friends are separated, it's never the same. When I was in college, I moved from the 3rd floor of the building up to the 4th floor. I told my friends on the 3rd floor that I was only 1 floor away, and we'd still hang out. This didn't happen. We still lived in the same building, yet, those friendships didn't last. I realize a lot of it is circumstantial, and I know long-distance friendships can work.

At some point, you can't maintain dozens of long-distance friendships and simultaneously maintain relationships with people currently in your life. Is this best friend of mine someone that I would put the effort towards maintaining a long-distance friendship? Yes. Is it going to happen? Probably not.

A lot of the topics of minimalism I've talked about are related to physical stuff. I'm also feeling weighed down by people. There are childhood, high school, college, former work, and other friends that I want to maintain communication and friendships with. This isn't working for me anymore. I have to let go of some of these people. Just like decluttering, I will start decluttering thoughts of maintaining friendships with people, although I will always make time for the most important people. But for friends who I haven't lived by for almost 15 years now, I need to declutter my thoughts of thinking we'll have the same level of friendship again one day.

So for my best friend, I'm going to declutter my thoughts of our friendship ever being the same again. I am very grateful for our five months together, and I hope to find another friend that I can build the same level of friendship with. I think I know him well enough to know that a long distance friendship isn't going to work. Instead of being quite sad that we don't live by each other anymore, because you are such a great friend, I'm going to declutter you from my thoughts.

See you later, Best Friend.



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