Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rough Day with Calories

I was worried I was going to go way over on my calories today. I got really hungry after midnight last night (technically this morning) and had a big snack. I attribute this snack to two things: being up too late and not being consistent with my calories. I ate a LOT on Friday and Saturday, so on Sunday I ate less to make up for it. Not eating a lot on Sunday led me to being super hungry yesterday. What I learned from this - Eat my normal allotment of calories, even if I went over the day before.

I had to make some changes throughout my day to make sure I stayed within my 1,840 calorie budget. For lunch, I mixed some cottage cheese and spaghetti sauce with a good amount of spinach, heated it up, and pretended it was a real spaghetti/lasagna mix. My lunch only ended up being 231 calories. Now, will I do this every day? No. But did I make changes to roll with the punches of my midnight snack decisions? Yes.

I am more dedicated and motivated than ever to get under 200 pounds. Using this blog is keeping me accountable. I'm also getting motivation from Tim at http://www.steppersstory.com/. He's been logging 10,000 steps a day, and he is very dedicated. Every time I check Twitter and see his progress of steps, it reminds me that I need to do my part and keep good progress on my health Missions.

Do you have someone keeping you accountable for your health Missions/dreams? Are you tracking your calories every day?



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