Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Reusable Produce Bags

They're finally here. The produce bags that I ordered at the end of November are finally here. In the picture, the reusable bag is on the left, and the normal plastic produce bag is on the right.

I ordered these off of ETSY, because I thought it'd be good to support a small business owner. Part of the reason shipping took so long is that the person I bought these from lives in Canada.

My order came with 12 bags, 3 bags of 4 different colors. They bags are really light weight, so it shouldn't be a problem reading the stickers on the produce at the check-out.

I'm glad I have these now, and this'll be one less item I have to worry about de-cluttering in my kitchen cabinets. I usually get a 5 cent discount for using reusable grocery bags, so I'll have to see if I get the same discount for using the reusable produce bags.



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