Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Document Scanner

I set up my new document scanner tonight. I've included a picture of it (Banana for scale). I had a little bit of trouble setting it up, because my iMac doesn't have a CD/DVD drive for the installation discs. I assumed by plugging the scanner in, my iMac would automatically prompt to download/install any necessary software. This was not the case, and I had to manually go find the software on the Epson website.

After downloading some drivers and updates, I eventually got the scanner to work. I still have some configuring/tinkering to do, but I almost have it set up to how I want it.

Some of the things I can configure is the "file save location". The default location was in "My Pictures", but I have moved the save location to a folder in Dropbox. I personally have had the best success in organizing my files by using cloud storage, especially Dropbox. I can also configure if the scan saves as a ".JPEG" or a ".PDF".

I'm looking forward to using this scanner to get rid of papers. I will try to scan papers that I know I will definitely look at again, or papers that bring me joy.



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