Thursday, January 14, 2016

My week so far with MyFitnessPal App

I've completed 4 days of tracking my calories with MyFitnessPal. Yesterday and today I'm noticing my hunger increasing. I'm not complaining, I'm just noting it took until the 3rd day to start really feeling hungry.

One thing of interest is the Nutrition section of the app. I am concerned with my sodium intake today, a very high amount of 3,686 mg. This was due to having a can of soup for part of my lunch.

Please note:

Progresso Soup - Owned by General Mills, stock ticker GIS.
Campbell's Soup - Owned by Campbell Soup Company, stock ticker CPB.

I personally think it's interesting to know the company/parent company of the foods I'm buying.

I think there is mindset that soup is "healthy". It's certainly convenient to bring a microwaveable bowl or cup of soup to the office for an easy lunch. Do you think you're eating healthy when eating soup? Soup is not always healthy, and look at the sodium content to figure out why. I need to lower my sodium intake to help with blood pressure, and I really should focus on meeting or doing better than the 2,300 mg intake suggested limit. After my current inventory of soup is gone, I don't plan on buying much more. If I do, I'll definitely be buying the low-sodium soups.

I've been staying at my calorie goal so far this week, and we'll see what the weekend brings! Hopefully I don't go over, or at least not too much over.



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