Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Apps Uninstalled

My Technology Mission this week was to uninstall 3 apps from my phone. I only have a phone with a 16 GB hard drive, and actually about 9.something gigs that I can use due to the phone's software. I uninstall unnecessary apps to 1. not feel cluttered on my phone, and 2. I am limited to space due to the 16 gig hard drive.

Here are the reasons I uninstalled the following apps -

1. ESPN FFL - ESPN Fantasy Football - Fantasy season is over. I won't need this until next fall.

2. Lyft - I wanted to see how the app worked and what it looked like. I doubt there are any drivers around where I live.

3. Twitch (Old Version) - An app to watch people live stream video games. I don't game much anymore, so I don't use it.

4. Twitch (New Version) - Not sure why Twitch created a separate app, but either way, I don't use Twitch anymore.

5. Forest - This was an app to help to not use my phone. You set an amount of time to stay off your phone, and if you completed this time, a shrub or tree grew. I stopped using it after a couple of weeks.

6. Skype - I installed it briefly to try and call a friend that uses it. I couldn't find him through the search feature and just called him on the regular phone.

7. I think the idea of Tumblr is cool, I just wasn't using it. I have enough to look at with FB, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Those were the apps I uninstalled, and besides Fantasy Football, I doubt I'll reinstall any of them down the road.



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