Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mitch Mission Update W.E. 1/30/2016

I gave myself 5 Missions this past Sunday to complete over the week. A green Mission means it was completed, a yellow Mission means it was semi/mostly completed, and a red Mission means it was not completed.

"W.E. 1/30/2016" means "Week Ending" 1/30/2016, I think of weeks in terms of Sundays to Saturdays.

50% of my Missions were completed this past week, and this isn't a good completion rate.

Minimalism - Recycle/Toss/Donate 30 items.

  • I set up a box for these items. I have probably 20 items in it comprised of papers to be scanned, and others to be tossed.

Investing - Track and analyze the earnings reports of 5 of the companies I own.

  • Nope.

Technology - Delete 3 apps from my phone.

Conservation - Figure out how I'm going to complete my 2016 Mission of planting a tree.

  • Realistically, I'll probably donate money towards a reputable tree planting program. I may sponsor a local tree too. My city has a program for people to plant trees, and I could potentially sponsor someone's tree.

Health - Drink only water after 5 P.M, and stay within my calorie budget.

  • As always, the week started off strong and my focus lessened throughout the week. :( 

New Missions for W.E. 1/30/2016

Minimalism - Sort through my key ring and take off any unnecessary keys.

Investing -  Plan out my dividend calendar for the rest of the year.

Technology - Learn more about Project Fi by Google.

Conservation - Review the sustainability plan of one of the companies I own a stock in.

Health - Plan out a push-up plan for my 2016 Health Mission.



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