Friday, January 8, 2016

Investing Update 1/8/2016

This week would be classified as a bad week for investing. The market in China had a lot of stock sell-offs, and this contributed to the stock sell-off in the US as well. The market goes up, the market goes down. Post 2008/9 recession, the stock market has gone up a ton, and this can't last forever.

Year-To-Date Update

1/1/20161/8/2016Change since Jan 1st
Robinhood Portfolio Value$607.87$607.24-$0.63
Money from my pocket$550.00$575.00$25.00
Gains/Realized & Unrealized$48.08$22.33-$25.75

The table above shows the change in my Robinhood portfolio since the start of 2016. I essentially stayed the same, even with adding $25.00 to my account, because I "lost" $25.00 from unrealized gains. I put lost in parenthesis because you don't lose any money until you sell the stock. I did not sell any stocks this week.


I received one dividend payment this week, and it was from Hewlett Packard (HPQ). I was paid a $0.12 dividend.

Stock Purchase

I bought 4 stocks this week, 3 of which I've purchased before.

StockTickerSharesBuy PriceAvg. Price/Share
HP Inc.HPQ1$11.52$11.52
Intel CorporationINTC1$33.21$33.21
Whole Foods Market, Inc.WFM1$33.00$33.00

WFM was not on my list of stocks to buy in 2016, but I mentioned before that my list of stocks to buy wasn't going to be rigid. All 4 of these stocks have upcoming dividends.

2016 Investing Missions

  • Purchase and hold 25 different stocks that pay dividends: 12/25 - 48% Completed (Not counting Disney stock)
  • Receive $75 in dividends: $0.12/$75.00 - 0.16%

You can click on the investing tab or here to see what stocks I currently have in my Robinhood portfolio.



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