Monday, January 11, 2016

Home Screen Priority

Tracking my calories needs to be a priority of mine. One of my 2016 Health Missions is to get under 200 pounds. I can't accomplish this without tracking my calories. As a way to prioritize tracking my calories, I've made space on my home screen, and put the MyFitnessPal widget at the top of my home screen.

Having this widget on my home screen will help with a few things.

1. I will have quick access to the bar code scanner, which will reduce the number of steps required to input food.

2. Every time I get on my phone, I'll see this widget. This will remind me that I need to make losing weight a priority.

Also, as a way to keep myself consistent in tracking calories, I'll also be inputting my daily calorie intake on my Portfolio page. I don't think I need a whole page dedicated to tracking calories, but some day I'll have a page dedicated to health.

I used MyFitnessPal last January and February to track calories, and I lost weight. I just need to do this again and stick with it.



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