Thursday, January 21, 2016

Google Play Music Family Plan

My Technology Mission this week was to upgrade to the family plan for Google Play Music. I first started using streaming music back in 2012 with Spotify. Once Google implemented their music streaming, I jumped ship.

I talked about coming up with ways to save $25/week, and this will be one of them. If you look at the picture, you see the pricing for this. It costs $14.99/month and 6 people can be on the family account. This comes out to $2.50/person/month. (Apple's version of streaming music with a family plan costs the same amount.)

For the sake of math and calculating large numbers, lets say 6 people were each paying $9.99/month for streaming music. This saves each person $7.49 a month. That's almost a whole Netflix streaming subscription!

I was already paying $9.99/month for steaming and it only made sense to pay $5 more a month to add family members. The setup and process to shift to a single plan to family plan was super easy. Also, the new price won't take place until my next billing date, but we already get the benefits of the family plan.



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