Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cloud Storage

I've been having some difficulties in continuity on my devices lately. My work computer is windows and utilizes OneDrive for cloud storage. My phone is Android and I also have a Chromebook, but I'm not a huge fan of Google Drive. My iMac has Google Drive and Dropbox, and I don't use iCloud. I am glad I get to use different services so I can stay up-to-date on technology, it sometimes make it difficult to preserve continuity. Also, and I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of miss using windows on a home computer.

I personally really like Dropbox, and it would take a lot to convince me to use another form of cloud storage. I use Google Drive, but I still prioritize Dropbox for stuff I need to quickly find. Cloud storage is something that is supposed to make life easier, and it's making mine a little more difficult.

I can feel good knowing I'm probably not going to lose anything, but finding files, that's another thing. Also, I'm still amazed at how many people don't use cloud storage. Do yourself and your friends/family a favor. Next time you're with friends/family, if you don't see any sort of cloud storage on their computer, help them install it and set it up.



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