Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Autonomous Cars

Autonomous/self-driving electric cars are the future.

If there is any car manufacturer that thinks differently, let me refer you to two companies that you will soon join the history books with - Kodak and Blockbuster. Hindsight is 20/20, but I laugh and laugh when I read about Blockbuster not taking the Netflix founder seriously when he proposed his idea of Netflix to Blockbuster. If Ford, General Motors, Toyota, or other car manufacturers think that THEY decide what the future of cars will be, they will be wrong.

Having technology dictate car manufacturers is LONG overdue. If GM or Chrysler had it their way, we'd be driving gasoline cars for the next 100 years. At least Toyota developed hybrid cars and premiered a practical hybrid way sooner than other manufacturers.

I read an article from Yahoo Finance the other day that basically said younger people aren't driving as much compared to the same age group in previous decades. I've never really enjoyed driving, and to be honest, driving sucks. The article mentioned that the cost of cars factored into this declining statistic, and also mentioned that people who resided in cities did not own cars.

The point I'm trying to make is that in the future, if I need to go somewhere, I'm going to open up an app on my phone, probably called "Google Self Driving Car" (obviously something shorter and better than that), and an electric, self-driving car will come to pick me up. The car will drop me off right in front of where I need to go. I can call for a return trip, and payments will all be done automatically through the app.

I also think UBER will be in trouble if they don't team up with a car manufacturer. Google isn't going to need UBER's app or database to get customers to use their self-driving cars. Google can and will design an app for ride sharing/taxi/self-driving taxi service that's better than any other companies' apps.

I'm seeing quite a bit of news related to Ford, GM, and self-driving cars on the Yahoo Finance page, so I just thought I'd give my 2 cents.



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