Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Treating Facebook like AOL Instant Messenger

One of my Missions this week was to uninstall the Facebook app from my phone. All of my Missions this week are Health related, and this one is for mental health reasons. I don't need to mindlessly scroll through Facebook throughout the day. I'm going to start treating Facebook like how I used AOL instant messenger 13 years ago.

Back in 2002, on week nights, all of my friends seemed to get online after dinner time, around 6:30 PM. I would eat dinner and then go downstairs to the computer, use dial-up to connect to the internet, and then sign into AOL instant messenger. It was fun because everyone was online at the same time, before we all had to work on homework. It was a dedicated time to chat with friends, and since we only stayed on for about an hour, you had to be intentional about who you wanted to talk to and intentional about the things you wanted to talk about.

Now in 2015, I can check Facebook any time I want. There isn't the excitement of running downstairs to a computer and connecting to the internet and seeing who is online. There isn't the excitement of hearing the sound notification of a friend (or a crush) getting online. I'm going to start treating Facebook like AOL instant messenger. Here is what I'm going to do -

  • Keep Facebook uninstalled on my phone
  • Only check Facebook on a computer/Chromebook
  • Check Facebook at a certain time in the evening



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