Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Surprise! I sold a stock!

The Robinhood app is now on version 1.6.2. It updated to 1.6.1 yesterday, 12/15/15, and today it updated again. The 1.6.1. added more ups and downs in the graphs showing the stock price fluctuations throughout the day (See picture at the bottom), along with some fixes. The 1.6.2. appears to have more fixes, although I don't have any experience with said problems that are listed as fixes in the picture to the right.

The reason that I document the app changes and updates is because I am very "invested" in this app. I waited a long time for it to become available, and wish I could have been using this app ever since I heard about it. I like seeing how things change over time, and I hope that this app only ever changes for the better. If the app ever puts in advertisements, user fees, or trade commissions, I'll be one sad Mitch.

I woke up this morning to a notification on my phone that my 1 share of Waste Management (WM) had been sold. I was surprised to see this notification, then remembered I set a limit order for this stock.

Earlier in the month, I set a limit order ("Good Till Canceled") to sell WM stock at $54.00. Today was the first day since I placed that order that WM stock traded at $54.00 or higher than $54.00. I should have kept up on my orders, because I was considering keeping WM full time. I recently read WM raised the amount of their dividend. I'm not mad by any means, I set the limit order to sell above what I bought for the stock, so since it processed, I didn't "lose" any money.

I have another "Good Till Canceled" limit order for OHI stock. It'd be great if that would sell soon!



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