Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Wars, Student Loans, and Sleep

Star Wars - Tonight the public can start watching the new Star Wars movie, Episode VII - The Force Awakens. Yes, I'm including the "Episode VII" part, even though Disney is neglecting it to be inclusive of those who haven't seen the first six movies. Hopefully I don't see any spoilers before I see the movie tomorrow. It feels weird knowing that the movie is out, probably because it's been three years since first hearing about the movie.

As I look around at my stuff, I have quite a few Star Wars items. It's tough to get rid of Star Wars items, because I was genuinely happy to receive/buy each of the Star Wars items I have. Specifically, I have three 500 piece Star Wars puzzles from when I was a kid. I have great memories of doing these puzzles with my parents and grandma. It'd be very tough to get rid of the puzzles. I'll be willing to part with some of my Star Wars items, but there are definitely some things I'll never get rid of.

Student Loans - I have quite a few thoughts on this, but the most prevalent one in my mind right now is graduated college students living at home. I see absolutely nothing wrong with, and actually encourage, students living at home after they graduate. I see no shame or embarrassment with living at home. I have a good friend who's been living at home after he graduating college, since he found a job in a neighboring town. He is saving so much money on rent, insurance, utilities and food. The American dream of owning a house is overrated in my pessimistic eyes on home ownership, and I'd rather your money be in YOUR pockets, and not the big bank's or slumlord's pockets.

Sleep - Since Sunday night, I've been getting 8 or more hours of sleep. I don't feel super energized or revitalized, but I'm probably making up for a lack of sleep before Sunday night. Getting this much sleep is great, and now I need to focus on sleeping at a consistent time. I think going to bed consistently and getting 8 hours of sleep is going to be great. This is a very basic concept I think we're told at a young age, it's just hard to do it.

If you see Star Wars Episode VII this weekend, I hope you enjoy it!



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