Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Researching LED Light Bulbs

I started researching LED light bulbs tonight. I don't know exactly when I'll order new LED light bulbs, since the ones I have now are still working. I feel like it would be wasteful to order LED bulbs and then store my current ones or even throw them away. If I stored the bulbs somewhere, I feel like it'd lead to them breaking, so I think I'm better off keeping the ones I have for now.

Google searching " LED light bulbs made in America" led me to this site - Looking around the site, and watching their "About Us" video, I'd feel pretty good about ordering LED light bulbs from EarthLED. The company is very green conscious, including being green in their own operations, and that's an added bonus to ordering something that is green also.

When my neighbor moved into her house, she replaced every single light bulb with LED light bulbs. She wants to have minimal maintenance with her house, and not have to worry about replacing light bulbs. She also said her electric bill went down.

There looks to be a pretty standard LED 60W lightbulb on the EarthLED website for $4. I think this'd be a pretty low cost expense to see how well the bulb works.




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    1. No problem! I still haven't bought any, because none of my light bulbs have burned out yet! I'll definitely replace my bulbs with LEDs though.


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