Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Recycling Paper and Computers

My post on Monday showed a picture of items I was getting ready to recycle. I sorted through a bunch of old papers, and I'm still not done yet. I weighed the papers that I sorted through and it was 7.8 pounds. I was happy with this number.

Also, I took two computer towers (pictured to the left) to Best Buy to be recycled. The process was super easy.

1. Walked in to Best Buy with tower
2. Door Greeter said "Recycling?"
3. I said "Yes"
4. Door Greeter points to customer service and says "Head to Customer Service".
5. I stand in line for 30 seconds (behind other people getting their gadgets/items worked on)
6. Best Buy worker walks over and says "I can help you over here, you can put the towers on the counter"
7. The towers go on the counter
8. The Best Buy worker starts slapping some stickers on the towers and keyboard and says "That's it"
9. I thanked her and walked away.

I am very surprised at how easy the process was. I have many more items that I plan on taking to Best Buy, although I'll have to keep the 3 item limit per day in mind.

I did pull out the hard drives before I recycled the towers. I wasn't able to wipe the hard drives, as I wasn't able to log on to either computer. They both booted up fine, but I couldn't get past the log in screens on either computer. On one I couldn't remember the password, and on the other, the version of windows became "non genuine" and wouldn't let me log on.

It's been a successful week of recycling so far. It appears that the stock markets have normal hours tomorrow and won't be closing early for New Year's Eve.



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