Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mitch Mission Update W.E. 12/12/15

I gave myself 5 missions this past Sunday to complete over the week. A green Mission means it was completed, a yellow Mission means it was semi/mostly completed, and a red Mission means it was not completed.

50% of my Missions were completed this past week.

Minimalism - Donate/toss/recycle 15 items. I had one similar to this a few weeks ago, but it didn't get done.

  • I donated 7 items yesterday, but didn't get around to sorting through anything else.

Investing - Sell off everything that doesn't have an upcoming dividend.

  • I was too scared to sell my stocks for a loss, I will try again this week! 

Technology - Have under 200 emails in my inbox.

  • I have under 200 emails in my main inbox. When I initially made this Mission, I thought I had a lot more emails. I either made a bad estimate, or I just sleep-deleted a hundred emails and don't remember it.

Conservation - Look into LED light bulbs for my lamps.

  • I looked into the lights, but I don't know when I'll order new ones. The lightbulbs I have are working fine, and I think it's wasteful to get rid of lightbulbs that are working.

Health - Go the gym at least 3 times.

  • I continue to have opportunities in this area, but it will get better. I only went 1 time.

New Missions for W.E. 12/19/2015

Minimalism - Donate/toss/recycle 25 items. I'm not messing around anymore. 

Investing - Set up the HomeBudget app on my phone. I will probably pay for the app, because I think it's actually worth paying for. (This'll be the 2nd app ever that I've purchased)

Technology - Research new routers. I'll probably get the new Google OnHub router, but I want to at least compare other routers before I fully decide.

Conservation - Talk to my family about wrapping white elephant gifts in old newspaper instead of wrapping paper.

Health - Get 8 hours of sleep every night, even if I don't sleep a full 8 hours, dedicate 8 hours of time to sleep.



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