Friday, December 11, 2015

Investing Update 12/11/2015

Hopefully when I'm posting my investing update next week, I will be able to say that I've seen Star Wars Episode VII. I will probably see the movie 2 or 3 times, and I have no concerns with spending that much money on movie tickets.

This past trading week I sold 1 share of Hewlett Packard and 2 shares of Best Buy.

CompanyTickerBuy Price Sell PriceDifferenceDividendFee% Gain
Hewlett Packard, Inc.HPQ$11.99$12.25$0.26$0.12$0.013.25%
Best BuyBBY$62.02$62.74$0.72$0.46$0.021.93%

To determine the % Gain, I used the following equation.

=(Difference + Dividend + Fee)/Buy Price. 

I bet HPQ because of the recent company split. I didn't have a lot of money left in my Robinhood account to buy new stocks last week, and I saw that HPQ had an upcoming dividend. My Chromebook is made my Hewlett Packard, and I wouldn't have bought an HP Chromebook if I didn't think it was a good brand.

Coincidentally, I bought my Chromebook at a Best Buy, and this was the other stock I sold this week. I bought Best Buy for the dividend. I do have some concerns holding this stock long term, but I find myself still going to shop there occasionally. Because of this, I was OK with buying the stock short term.

I should be selling my other stocks, but I really don't want to sell for a loss right now. I know eventually the share prices will go back up, I just need to be patient. Opportunity costs are screaming right now, but I'm not really listening.

I did not buy any new stocks this week.

Below is information on my year-to-date (YTD) investing numbers.

MITCH Investing - 2015
Friday Date12/11/201512/4/2015
Dividends Received$8.28$5.91
$'s Gained$47.92$56.20
Dividend % of Gain17.28%10.52%
Overall % Gain9.58%11.24%

You can click on the investing tab or here to see what stocks I currently have in my Robinhood portfolio.



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