Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I don't like Gyms

I went to the gym tonight, and I was initially excited about going, but by the time I was leaving, I lost this excitement. After nearly getting knocked in the head with a basketball out on the basketball court and also hearing people dropping weights so loudly it boomed throughout the gym, I was annoyed when I was leaving.

I was shooting hoops and there were younger kids on the court shooting around too. I understand kids will be kids, and they're just having fun, but they weren't staying consistent on which hoops they were shooting on. I understand sharing the court, but the kids were on one hoop, then on the same one as me, then back to the original. I wasn't really expecting to have company on my hoops since I saw the kids on the other hoop, and almost got knocked in the head from a missed ball. I moved away from them after that. Call me "Grinch Mitch" I guess.

I also get annoyed when I hear people dropping weights. Almost two years ago, I was at a gym stretching before going on the treadmill, and some guy was doing dead weights in a NON lifting area, pretty close to me. He was dropping the weights on his way down, and the sounds of the weights hitting the floor pierced my right ear. I got up quickly, but the damage had still been done. I've had hearing problems in my right ear ever since.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't be a Gym Bro/Rat when you're lifting weights. If you're not strong enough to lift the weights, don't lift them. /rant  

In other news, the stock market will be open until 12 noon CST tomorrow, and it will be closed on Friday. So from 8:30 - noon CST tomorrow is the last chance to trade stocks this week. I may do my investing post tomorrow since it's the last day of the trading week, and also since talking about money/investing on Christmas day seems a bit taboo.



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