Friday, December 25, 2015

Google OnHub Router

I set up my new router tonight, the Google ASUS OnHub router. I chose the ASUS version over the TP-Link version mostly due to where the cables plug into the router, which is a minor detail. On the ASUS router, the cables plug directly into the back of the router, whereas on the TP-Link, the cables plug into the back after a decorative shell/outer cover is taken off. In my mind, I acknowledge that ASUS is a good brand, so that was also part of why I went with the ASUS OnHub router. I'm not very familiar with TP-Link.

As Google says, the set up for this router was very easy. As I was setting it up, the router was updated. I've already installed more updates on this new router than the old one (which was a total number of 0 updates). I never understood how to install firmware updates on previous routers I had.

I am not expecting any problems with the router itself, and if there are any internet issues, I'm assuming it'll come from my internet service provider (ISP). Since I'm not a sophisticated/advanced user with routers, after the router is set up, there isn't much left to adjust/tinker with. With having this router, I'll now need to find a new longer-term technology project/Mission to work on.



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