Tuesday, December 22, 2015

General Updates 12/22/15

Minimalism - Still sorting through old school papers, and working on Marie Kondo's book. I have mixed thoughts on buying gifts for the holidays/Christmas. I don't think buying and giving gifts is bad, I just think the greed, excess money spent, and over-consumption is bad. I'm also considering taking a Facebook hiatus until the beginning of the new year.

Investing - I'm slowly buying stocks that I'll be holding long term. I'm actually going to outline the entire 2016 year for dividend payments and stock purchases. My employer has taught me the value in planning at work, and I'm using this in my personal life too.

Technology - My OnHub router arrived today, and I'm super pumped about it. I will be setting it up on Christmas Eve, the 24th :)

Conservation - I'm collecting a box of old electronics that I can take to an electronics recycler. It's becoming more difficult for me to buy things, because I get stuck on what happens to the object/product when I'm done using/consuming it. 

Health - I think I need to dedicate 5 Missions all towards health. Catching up on sleep and decluttering is definitely helping with mental health, which I don't think I talk about enough yet. Mental health is just as important as physical health in my eyes. 

Also, this time of year is filled with people who are "busy" and stressed, and people who are busy doing last minute shopping. Please help all of humanity out by being patient, leaving 5 minutes earlier to go somewhere, expecting delays, and being willing to get some gifts after Christmas. Road rage is only amplified with the stress of the holidays.



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