Thursday, December 10, 2015

General Updates 12/10/15

Let's work backwards tonight -

Health: To the left is a book that I'm planning on reading soon since I'll have some time around the holidays to read. I've had it for a few years and haven't fully read through it yet. I also went to the gym tonight and it actually wasn't too bad. I went with a friend, and that's the only reason I went. I made him make me go. We didn't work out in the same areas at the gym, but it was still nice having a gym buddy. I think I might make drinking only water after 5 PM a more permanent thing. I had pop last night and I could NOT fall asleep.

Conservation: My produce bags are currently being shipped. There weren't any notifications on the shipment being processed for at least a week and a half, so I e-mailed the maker of the bags. After my e-mail, a shipping notification popped up. Overall, not overly impressed with my experience with ETSY so far.

Technology: No real updates here. My phone is still working fine, so I don't know if I should be in a rush to get a new one. I'm actually getting a little annoyed with my iMac and have rekindled love for my Chromebook. I never stopped loving my Chromebook, I just appreciate it more lately since I'm losing some of my patience with my iMac.

Investing: Same thing with Technology, no major updates here related to stocks. With the holiday season here, watching spending and watching calorie intake will be important.

Minimalism: Along with The Skinny Rules, I'll be finishing Marie Kondo's book on minimalism around the holidays. Also, this weekend I'll be taking items to the thrift store/Goodwill equivalent.

I'll be shifting gears and talking more about Health in future posts. I will be mentally committed to improving my health and this needs to be a top priority in my life.



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