Saturday, December 12, 2015

Donating and a Trip to the Mall

Today I donated 8 items: 1 old work shirt, 4 DVDs, and 3 books. I took these items to a thrift store, and I just dropped the bag of items off in a collection bin near the front of the store. It was a pretty easy process, and I got a slip for tax deductions. I don't know if I'll fill the slip out though, since the items are barely worth anything.

Now that I know exactly where to go and what to do, donating more stuff in the future should be easy.

After the thrift store, I headed to the mall. Besides getting a haircut, and seeing if my old Barnes & Noble gift card had any money on it, I didn't need to buy anything. The mall was absolutely packed. Granted, it was a Saturday afternoon, 2 weeks before Christmas. I can say with 90% confidence that I've never been in a mall so crowded before. It got me thinking about all of the things people are buying for the holidays. I thought about the money people are spending, the packaging that will end up in the trash, and presents that will go unused. I also saw tons of people with Starbucks in their hands, and probably 99% of those drink containers will end up in the trash.

Outside of Barnes & Noble, it wasn't a very enjoyable experience at the mall. It was super crowded and I was distracted with all of the people and what they were buying. I'll have to put more time into thinking about holiday gifts. I don't think they're a bad idea, but maybe I need to come up with alternative methods/plans for gift giving.



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