Saturday, December 19, 2015

Budgeting: App or Spreadsheet

Today was a pretty relaxed Saturday. I read Marie Kondo's book on minimalism, sorted through old school papers, and reviewed my spending in November.

I would like to use an app to track my spending, and I have very high hopes for the HomeBudget app. I've tried multiple times to track my spending in a spreadsheet and I never keep up with it. My hesitations with an app is that I may not be able to be specific enough with categorizing my purchases. So, with not keeping up with spreadsheets, and hesitations with apps, I'm left with spending that I can't compare to a budget/standard.

Before writing this, I was tinkering around with another spreadsheet, but I should really give this an app a full try. There is a free version and a paid version of the app. I'll probably end up "buying" it, and I put buying in quotations because I'll use the Google Play Store credit I have built up from taking surveys by Google.

There is a reason I keep bringing the topic of budgeting up. It is an elementary topic/task that I've never mastered. Once I know my budget and spending, I can figure out how much money I can add to my Robinhood account or other investments. Adding money to investments, 401k's, or other retirement funds on a recurring basis is a good idea.

Are there any budgeting apps you use or like? Let me know!



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