Monday, December 7, 2015

About Me Page

I'm working an "About Me" page for this blog. I like reading other "About Me's" on other sites/blogs, and I also like reading about the focus the site/blog provides. Below is some of what I have so far, although it's still a draft and not quite the final product:

Some things about this blog -

  1. You will never see a pop-up advertisement to subscribe to a newsletter. I don't like newsletters and I'm not about filling up e-mail inboxes. I usually X out of sites that have pop-ups like this, so I definitely wouldn't do that here.
  2. I will do things and talk about things that the "Average Joe" can do. I'm not an extremist. Example - I will not advocate getting rid of all of your televisions to promote minimalism. I believe that "watching TV" time has shifted to computers, smartphones, etc. Getting rid of your TV's won't fix anything.
  3. Stock Photos. Most pictures will be taken from me and my phone, and I'm not trying to impress anyone with the quality. I'm just not going to post stock photos.
  4. I won't ask you to share my posts. If you want to read my blog, that's great. If you think it's worthy to share with your friends, that's cool too. I'm not going to ask you to subscribe, follow, or bookmark me. That is completely up to you. 
After this I plan on talking about my roots in each of the 5 topics of my blog. I will provide background and reasons why I'm interested in minimalism, investing, technology, conservation, and health. This page should be posted by the end of the week!



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