Saturday, November 7, 2015


WhatsApp is my favorite app on my phone, but sadly, I don't use it too often. After giving it some thought, there are two main reasons why I love this app -

The first is that whether I'm talking to someone with WhatsApp that has an iPhone or an Android phone, I know that our chat/conversation is on the same page - equal/standardized, (if that makes sense). I really love iMessage for iPhones. The idea of turning chats blue for those who have iPhones/iMessage, and Apple using their tactics of exclusivity, has made me envious and I want to "fit in" by getting an iPhone. When I talk to someone with an iPhone, I know that our conversations are appearing green to them, and not blue. Also, sending a picture message over texting/sms texting is a pain. It is super easy to send a picture message over WhatsApp, and I know that me and the person I'm talking to are looking at the same picture, and I know when they receive/look at it.

The second reason why I love WhatsApp is because I don't need a username, password, or log-in information to use the app. WhatsApp sets up the account based off of your phone number. The idea of tying your account to your phone number is appealing, because it uses the concreteness of your phone number to make your account.

I also want to talk about network usage and cost. My statistics on WhatsApp are -

  • 3865 messages sent
  • 4496 messages received
  • 29.5 MB of bytes sent
  • 31.2 MB of bytes received
I don't know if these statistics are based off of when I'm using the 4G data connection on my phone, or if it's total usage whether I'm on 4G or Wi-Fi. Regardless, it's a lot of messages sent for a low amount of data used. 

Finally, service expires a year after the app is installed. You can buy service for one, three, or five years. The cost of this is $0.99, $2.67, and $3.71, respectively. When my service expires, I will buy the 5 year service. I will use the money I have built up from taking surveys through Google (My Post on Google Opinion Rewards), so it won't actually cost any money directly out of my pocket. 

I love this app, and if you know me in real life and like this app too, message me on it! 



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