Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Day, My Phone is Away

My Technology Mission this week was to turn my phone off for 2 hours tomorrow during Thanksgiving dinner. After some more consideration, I'm thinking about leaving my phone at home. Here are my reasons why:

  1. I will physically be with my family tomorrow. They are the most important people I would need to get in touch with by my cell phone.
  2. For family that won't be around tomorrow, they all live really far away. If I missed a call, I unfortunately wouldn't be able to assist/help anyways. 
  3. Hanging out with some friends last night just reaffirmed how attached we are to our smartphones. 
  4. A majority of my friends will be doing something Thanksgiving related tomorrow, and none of their days are going to be any more special than mine. (Call me Nancy, Negative Nancy).
  5. It will be a good test for me. I'm interested to see how I would feel/think/react not having it. 
  6. Everyone else will have their phones for any potential emergencies/necessary calls. 
I'm not making any suggestions that anyone else do this, it's just something I'm thinking of doing. I also have the luxury of not traveling very far for Thanksgiving, so it's not like my phone will be completely out of reach. 

I can already expect a lot of Thanksgiving posts, tweets, snaps, and instagrams of food tomorrow. I don't need to be looking at other people's Thanksgivings while I'm participating in my own. I think a short recap at the end of the day will suffice. 



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