Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it has been for some time now. It used to be an unspoken rule that everyone showed up for this holiday in my family, since usually someone was always busy during the other holidays. In the last couple of years, with new marriages and new jobs, this unspoken rule doesn't really hold much weight anymore. Regardless, I still love Thanksgiving. 

Today I left my phone at home and I felt great. There were a few moments where I instinctively reached for my phone during conversation gaps/transitions, but it wasn't there to grab. After the Thanksgiving main meal and while playing games in the afternoon, I realized how great it was to not have my phone. It was also great, because a lot of my family members weren't glued to their phones either. 

Towards the early evening, we looked at the black Friday ads. I did this out of tradition and just to see what was available. I did see some good deals, but again, it's not stuff I need. Tomorrow I am going to get some coffee with a friend at a local coffee shop, and that's probably the only thing I'm going to buy tomorrow. 

This upcoming holiday season, and for Thanksgiving next year, I need to do more to help those in need. I know there are many opportunities for me to help, and I just need to do it. 

I hope you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. 



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