Monday, November 9, 2015

Tacos at Home

I preface this entire post by saying I will not be comparing apples to apples.

I have recently started eating at Chipotle, and I've found it to be a delicious experience. Besides the innards of my burrito not being mixed, and getting cold spots while eating, I have no problems with Chipotle (Qdoba does a good job of mixing up the innards of my burrito). I would like to eat at Chipotle on a regular basis, but this isn't sustainable for my wallet.

Lately I've been eating black bean tacos I've been making at home. They are east to make, low cost, and taste good. I realized I was spending a lot of money on food, and have been trying to cut back on eating out. Also, looking at crock pot recipes, and seeing the $'s/meal breakdown, I decided I should track this with my food.

The tacos can be seen in picture to the left. The tortillas aren't terrible big, they're the kind that are 6" in diameter. I consider 4 of these tacos to be a meal. The total cost for 4 of these tacos is $2.205 or $0.551/taco. The cost of a chicken burrito before taxes at Chipotle is $6.25. I could eat about 12 of these tacos for close to the same price of one burrito at Chipotle. Again, this isn't an apples to apples comparison.

I made my tacos with guacamole, whereas I don't get my Chipotle with guac (because it costs extra :P ) You can also see that guacamole was the most expensive cost to my 4 tacos, coming in at $0.907 cents. I also have been eating my tacos with black beans, which is cheaper than chicken.

I'm not saying don't eat at Chipotle, I enjoy eating there. I know it's cheaper to eat at home, but I'm happy to know an actual $ cost of the tacos I've been eating. I know there are opportunities to reduce the cost, and reducing the guacamole would be cost effective, but I enjoy having guacamole on my tacos.

Lastly, I categorize this post as investing. The more money I have in my pocket, the more money I can put towards an emergency fund or put in my Robinhood account.

IngredientAverage CostUnits$'s/UnitUnits Consumed$'s
Cheddar Cheese$1.67224grams$0.00747.5$0.354
Black Beans$0.89425grams$0.002117.5$0.246
Guacamole $3.79280grams$0.01467.0$0.907
Total Cost$2.205
Total Tacos4



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