Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Subscription Costs

I've been meaning to track what I have for subscriptions, but haven't come up with a good system to track it. I've tried to set up fancy excel spreadsheets that denote these transactions as recurring, but I never keep up on those excel sheets. What motivated me to look at my subscriptions again was a post from MyMoneyBlog - http://www.mymoneyblog.com/subscriptme-app-review.html

The post talks about an app for iOS that tracks subscriptions. I looked for an equivalent one for Android, but I couldn't fine one. That's OK, I'll just look through my bank transactions and manually find recurring subscription costs.

I currently have 3 subscription costs -

1. Dropbox
2. Google Play Music
3. Ting Cell Phone Service

I pay for Dropbox because I get 1 TB of storage by paying for it. $120 a year for storage is worth it to me. I could spend $120 on an external hard drive that could break, become corrupted, and it's size is static. I'm sure as storage costs go down, my same $120 a year might buy me 1.5 TB of storage in a few years.

I have the same thought process for Google Play Music. I get unlimited music for $10/month. If I buy music, depending on how new it is, this could easily cost more than $10/month.

I'm not going to talk much about Ting. I tried setting it up on my old Galaxy S4, and haven't had much luck. I'm going to cancel it.

So I don't have an app to track these subscription costs, but I'm glad I took a look through my bank transactions. I only have 3 recurring subscription costs, and after I cancel Ting, I'm fine with paying for Dropbox and Google Play Music. It may feel like a cost every month, but I need to remind myself that I'm saving money.

I do have Netflix installed on my phone, but this is a family account that I'm not directly paying for.



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