Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Snapchat Break & Robinhood App Update

I uninstalled Snapchat from my phone on Sunday. This hasn't been too big of a transition for me, since I've been using the app less anyways since turning off the notifications from it. I turned the notifications off for Snapchat, as well as the notifications for most of my other social media apps on my phone. I was on Snapchat too much when the notifications were turned on. (Surprising, right?! Having notifications on results in users using the app! Good for user-interaction analytics for the company of the app)

Another reason I uninstalled it is because my phone isn't new enough to get the newest updates from Snapchat. I can't do the rainbow/monster faces or speed up/slow down filters.

The only thing I miss right now is how fast it is to take a picture with Snapchat. I find it's easier to take a picture with Snapchat compared to the stock camera app that comes with my phone. For the most part, I think I can last a week without it, and I'll manage to survive :)

This isn't the only social media app I'm considering removing from my phone. I'm also considering removing the Facebook app, but the key generator within the app for logging into a new computer is useful. I'm not fully decided on Facebook yet.

Also, the Robinhood App updated yesterday. The app is now on version 1.4.1. The previous version was 1.3.5. This update, like the previous one, added a connection to the outside world with articles to information about stocks. The other thing that interested me was the app size.

When I first installed the app, the size was 18.26 MB. The app with update version 1.4.1 says the size of the app is 8.07 MB. I don't know what the size of the app was with the updates in between, but yes, from the original size of the app compared to now, the app is down in size by 55.8%. I can appreciate this with having a small hard drive on my phone.



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