Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mitch Mission Update W.E. 11/28/2015

I gave myself 5 missions this past Sunday to complete over the week. A green Mission means it was completed, a yellow Mission means it was semi/mostly completed, and a red Mission means it was not completed.

90% of my Missions were completed this past week.

Minimalism - Don't shop (for anything out of the norm) on Black Friday. I'm planning on meeting a friend for coffee, but this'll be at a local coffee shop. Regardless of any amazing deals, I'm not going to go Black Friday Shopping. (Could be cross-listed with Technology and Conservation)

  • I met with a friend at a local coffee shop, and I did not buy anything else on Black Friday. 

Investing - Compile a list of the companies I'm interested in investing in for the rest of 2015.

  • I did compile a list, and even after this, I'm considering changing my investing strategy again.

Technology - Turn off my phone for at least two hours during Thanksgiving dinner/family time. I need to focus on enjoying time with family and not being distracted by my phone. (Could be cross-listed with Minimalism)

  • I went without my phone for 5 hours on Thanksgiving. I left my phone at home during my family's Thanksgiving and I really enjoyed it. 

Conservation -  See if there are opportunities for me to use items on Lauren's list from Trash is for Tossers -

Health - Don't be a pig for Thanksgiving dinner. I don't really know how I can measure/quantify this. Maybe I'll get 2 plates max of food, and only 2 desserts - 1 bar and 1 slice of pie.

  • I kept to this limit, 2 plates of food and 2 desserts, but I still felt like a pig. 

    New Missions for W.E. 12/5/2015

    Minimalism - Research document scanners. Review them for quality, price, user interface, and ability to upload/save documents to Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Investing - Plan my investing strategy for 2016. I don't think I'm going to try and do "dividend capture" anymore.

    Technology - Look at the App Usage app to see which apps I'm using the most and see if I can live without these apps. 

    Conservation - Reflect on No Shave November and how I conserved resources by growing a beard.

    Health - Drink only water after 5 PM, and drink at least a full bottle of water (33 oz/1000 mL or more) between 5 PM and when I go to sleep. Basically, if I'm going to drink coffee, juice, or pop, it needs to be before 5 PM. 



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