Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mitch Mission Update W.E. 11/14/2015

I gave myself 5 missions this past Sunday to complete over the week. A green Mission means it was completed, a yellow Mission means it was semi/mostly completed, and a red Mission means it was not completed.

70% of my Missions were completed this past week.

Minimalism - Have 50 or fewer e-mails in the primary inbox of my e-mail account. I am currently sitting at over 400 e-mails in my primary inbox.

  • I did not get under 50 e-mails in my primary inbox, but I did make progress. I think I have around 250 emails. 

Investing - Compare the $ cost of making my own tacos vs. eating at Chipotle.

Technology - Take a break from Snapchat until next Sunday.

  • Done - I will continue this until Tuesday. 

Conservation - Find out where my town's recycling center is.

  • Didn't get this done. I didn't have/make time to go looking for the recycling center.

Health - Eat 1 orange every day.

  • Completed.

New Missions for W.E. 11/21/2015

Minimalism - Donate/toss/recycle/sell 10 items. I am bringing back another full car-load from my house to my apartment, and I really don't have the space for everything. 

Investing - Find out every service I have a recurring subscription for, analyze those subscriptions for usage, and consolidate this information on to 1 excel sheet. I'm looking for opportunities to save money.

Technology - Remove 5 apps from my phone.

Conservation - Finally order those re-usable produce bags. 

Health - Go to the gym Tuesday through Saturday. Monday's are too busy. 



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