Thursday, November 19, 2015

Just Delete Me

When I was uninstalling the ToDoist app from my phone yesterday, I wanted to delete my account for ToDoist. I logged into the website and was looking for how to deactivate/delete my account. I couldn't find it too easily, but I'll admit I didn't spend a lot of time looking for it. I figured though, if it wasn't too obvious to find, I didn't want to jump through hoops to figure it out. I used a website to help me delete my account I searched "todoist" on the website, and it brought up a box with information about deleting the account. I clicked on the box, and since I was already logged in to my todoist account, took me exactly where I needed to go to delete my account. 10 seconds later, my account was deleted. 

I looked at a few other websites tonight that help you delete accounts, and looked the best to me. It's been updated somewhat recently, and has a lot more information on how to delete accounts. It also had an easier interface compared to the other sites. I think it's easier to delete an account rather than trying to remember a password in the future. It will also keep me from getting random e-mails inviting me to come back and try the app/service again. 

For me, part of minimizing technology involves physical and electronic technology. This website will help me minimize my electronic technology. 



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