Friday, November 6, 2015

Investing Update 11/6/15

This week was not as busy of a week for trading stocks. I didn't end up selling everything that I was able to, and I tried to average down more than I should have on a couple of stocks.

I sold my 1 share of General Electric and my 1 share of Unilever.

CompanyTickerBuy Price Sell PriceDifferenceDividendFee% Gain
General ElectricGE$24.84$29.00$4.16$0.00-$0.0216.67%

To determine the % Gain, I used the following equation. 

=(Difference + Dividend + Fee)/Buy Price. 

I sold the share of GE because I had a high unrealized gain on it, and wanted to capture these gains before the stock went down in price. Also, the ex-dividend date for GE isn't until December, so I can buy it again when the time gets closer. I sold Unilever because I had a great gain on it, and I owned the stock before the 10/28 ex-dividend date, so I will be getting a dividend from Unilever in December.

Below is a chart of what I bought this week. 

StockTickerBuy Price
Omega Healthcare InvestorsOHI$34.05

I may be getting into some bad habits by trying to average down on stocks. I don't think I should buy any more of these stocks unless there is a noticeable decrease in the stock price.

Next week's plans will be to try and sell F and OHI again. I will also try to sell Apple and Intel. I could have sold both this week, but I was hesitant. I am going to hold on to Microsoft since the ex-dividend date is November 17th. If I am able to sell F, OHI, APPL, and INTC, I will use those dollars to buy different stocks that have ex-dividend dates in November.



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