Friday, November 13, 2015

Investing Update 11/13/15

I start this post off by saying my thoughts are with Paris tonight.

I got a few trades in this week, but I'm still holding Ford (F) and Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI). I'm going to continue to hold, and will only buy additional shares to average down if Ford goes into the $12 range and if OHI goes into the $30 range.

This past trading week I sold my 1 share of Apple.

CompanyTickerBuy Price Sell PriceDifferenceDividendFee% Gain

To determine the % Gain, I used the following equation. 

=(Difference + Dividend + Fee)/Buy Price. 

I sold the share of AAPL because I've been following this stock closely for over a year now. I knew that the stock trading in the $120's again was something to take action on. I think long-term Apple is a great investment, but short term, I knew I needed to sell. I already received the dividend from Apple, so the 6.09% return isn't waiting on a dividend to come through.

Below is a chart of what I bought this week.

StockTickerBuy Price

I already had a share of Microsoft, but with an upcoming dividend, I bought another. I also had a decent gain off the first share, so even if the second share brings my average down, I'll still sell for a positive gain.

Target has an upcoming dividend, and it's headquartered in Minnesota, so I figured it was alright to buy a share. I do remember Target having the credit card breach, but I think they've updated all of their credit card swipers since then. Also, with the new chip credit cards, I'm not too worried about spending dollars at Target.

At the time of writing this post, I have an 8.64% gain since August.



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