Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grocery Costs

I've been trying to track how much money I spend at the grocery store. My grocery store receipt automatically breaks down the items purchased into preset categories, and I broke them down further where I saw fit. You can see the cart below.

From the chart, which is a strawberry pie chart, that general groceries, dairy, fruit, and vegetables make up most of my cost. I tried to break down the general groceries category further, but it was becoming too difficult. The only thing I'm surprised by is my spending in the dairy category. In this category, I mainly buy cottage cheese, almond milk, cheese/shredded cheese, and sometimes yogurt. These don't seem outrageously expensive to me, so maybe it comes down to the quantity in which I buy these dairy items. I will sometimes buy 2 tubs of cottage cheese at a time, a couple bags of cheese, and occasionally buy two cartons of almond milk per visit.

This data is only from 2 grocery receipts, so I will need more data. It'll be cool to look at trends and look for ways to be more cost effective. Tracking my grocery receipts in a spreadsheet will help me track my grocery spending, track trends in overall food categories, and track $'s spent/meal. I've already used this spreadsheet to track the cost of my tacos.

It does take some time to enter the data in, and I'm not sure where my latest grocery store receipt went, but I like tracking this information.



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