Thursday, November 12, 2015

General Updates 11/12/15

Minimalism - There are a few things that I'm thinking about lately related to minimalism. I'm thinking about the upcoming holiday season and how I can be anti-consumerism. I don't think I will shop on Black Friday, and I should try and support Small Business Saturday. When I hear about past stories of people being trampled at Black Friday shopping events, it's just beyond sickening. This is a true showing of greed and selfishness. The only thing I want for Christmas this year is to be with my family and a crock pot.

Investing - This is has been another lack-luster week for my investing. I really should not have averaged down on Ford and OHI, so now I have too much money tied up in that. On a high note, I got paid a dividend from Apple today. This was a very quick turnaround between the ex-dividend date and payment date for the Apple dividend.

Technology - I've been thinking about what phone I should get to replace my Samsung Galaxy S4. I was considering jumping ship to Apple, but a few recent events have changed my mind.

  1. Contact List - I have my entire contact list in Google Contacts. I really don't want to transfer this or move my contacts. I know I could do this slowly over time, but I just feel content where I'm at with my contact list with Google.
  2. Syncing - A friend posted that she plugged her iPhone into her computer to sync, and it synced her phone to what is was this past June. This post made me think of how behind Apple's cloud technology and syncing is. I've never had a problem with this through Google. 
As it stands, I'll probably get the Nexus 6P. I have a good friend who just got it, and it feels and looks like a great phone.

Conservation - This continues to be an area of opportunity for me. Bringing my reusable water bottle back with me from my house has been helping with water/pop bottles cluttering up my kitchen counter. Using reusable shopping bags at the grocery store has reduced the clutter of plastic bags in my kitchen cabinet. I wish that I could compost my fruit/vegetable scraps and waste, but there isn't a good option for that with my current living quarters. Now that I know where some thrift stores are in town, I should look at shopping first before shopping at retail store. 

Health - This is an area in close 2nd for areas of opportunity. Starting next week, I will do some sort of exercise every day. I've been consistent at eating oranges every day, and we'll see if this keeps me healthier over the winter months when people usually get colds and get sick. I'm also working on getting into a normal sleep pattern again, but I can't seem to sleep for any longer than 6.5 hours on week nights. 



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