Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Back when I got my smartphone in 2011, one of the main reasons for getting it was so I could check my e-mail. Now I rarely use my phone to check my e-mails. I've never been good on sending e-mails out on my phone because I hate typing on a small screen, but I like/d staying caught up on reading e-mails.

I want to enjoy using my e-mail account again and actually use it communicate with PEOPLE. I will be going through my e-mails this week, archiving and deleting a lot of them. Some e-mails are a few years old. I will also be unsubscribing from newsletters, social media e-mails, and promotions. I NEVER use deals from store e-mail promotions, so I don't have the concern of missing out on a good deal. 

Also, one thing I will never do on this blog is promote it with a newsletter. It pisses me off when I go to a website/blog and immediately get bombarded with a POP-UP to sign up for a newsletter. I sometimes leave the site after that happens, I don't even read the content. 

Managing my e-mail account will help with my technology clutter. I feel my e-mail account contributed a lot to my initial feelings of feeling cluttered with/by technology. 



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