Monday, November 2, 2015

Dividends Received - October 2015

In the month of October I received one dividend payment from Coca-Cola (KO) for $0.33. I haven't purchased Coca-Cola stock since I sold the one share I had and I don't know if I will buy any soon. Sorry Pepsi fans, I prefer Coca-Cola (although it doesn't matter since I'm not drinking pop this week). 

Below is a chart of the dividends I've received in 2015 so far.

Dividend Received DataCompanyTicker SymbolDividend Amount
10/1/2015Coca ColaKO$0.33
11/2/2015John DeereDE$0.60
11/2/2015General MillsGIS$0.44
Dividends Received in 2015$3.26

At the time of writing this, my Robinhood portfolio is at $562.98. I started with $500 in August, so I am up $62.98. Below is a breakdown of where that $62.98 came from.

You can see from that pie chart (it's a strawberry pie) that dividends make up a small section of my portfolio increase. I will be interested to track this over time, and to see how this percentage changes. To explain the difference between gains and unrealized gains-

  • Gains - When I talked about selling Colgate-Palmolive last week, actually selling the stock for higher than I bought it for, that goes into the "gains" section. 
  • Unrealized Gains - I have 1 share of Apple stock that is up $6.18 from when I purchased it, but I haven't sold the stock yet. The stock is trading for higher than when I bought it, but I haven't sold the stock yet and could lose these gains if Apple stock goes down. 
The overall market has been doing well the past few weeks, so I'm not doing anything special too special to have 12.6% return since August. The "special" thing I'm doing is using Robinhood App to trade with $0 commissions.

I will have 1 more dividend coming in November, but the bulk of my dividends for November were received today. It'd be great if I can have at least 4 dividend payments in December too, and that will take some planning in this month (Although there may be some ex-dividend dates in November for stocks that pay dividends in January). But enough about the future, there are stocks to be sold and bought this week. 



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