Saturday, November 28, 2015

Conservation Opportunities

I finally got around to ordering the re-usable produce bags, and now I'm waiting for the bags to ship. I ordered them from ETSY, and like I've said before, this is my first time using ETSY, so I hope it's an overall smooth experience. Now with the produce bags ordered, I need to find something else to improve my conservation opportunities. I said in my Mission update this week I would look at the list from Lauren at Trash is for Tossers to get ideas.

Looking at the list, a few ideas appear to be ones that I can do.
  1. Re-usable bags
  2. Newspaper for presents instead of traditional wrapping paper
  3. Wooden/Bamboo cookware/utensils
  4. Towels instead of paper towels
I already have re-usable bags, but I could use a few more. With the holiday season coming up, I don't plan on buying or receiving a lot of gifts, but I could use newspaper for the gifts that I'll give to friends and family. My current cookware utensils are all plastic, and I should maybe get some new ones. Although, this isn't very "green", since I would then have to find a way to get rid of my current plastic cookware utensils. Lastly, I don't go through a ton of paper towels, but I always have some rolls in my kitchen cupboard. I don't think paper towels are all bad, but mixed in with other trash and in plastic garbage bags, it would make it harder for the paper towels to break down and decompose. 

I will probably make one of these 4 ideas a part of my Mission for the upcoming week. 



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