Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Apps that Didn't Make the Cut

My Technology Mission this week is to uninstall 5 apps from my phone. The 5 apps I uninstalled, and their sizes, are listed below -

1. Pinterest - 43.16 MB
2. Letgo - 29.49 MB
3. Who's Down - 17.89 MB
4. News and Weather - 12.90 MB
5. Todoist - 24.60 MB

By doing this, I cleared up 128.04 MB on my phone, and now have 93 apps on my phone. I will now talk about why I installed the apps and why I uninstalled them.

Pinterest - I thought I was going to start using Pinterest, but did not. I thought I could get some cool ideas from it, but I haven't been motivated to use it. I wasn't using it, so I uninstalled it.

Letgo - I saw this app while I was watching The Walking Dead (Good job on them picking a key time to advertise), and it looked cool, so I downloaded it. It is kind of like a craigslist/selling/buying stuff app. You can "let go" of your stuff and sell it to other people. It uses the GPS on your phone to find people near by that are buying/selling stuff. I thought it'd be worth checking out since I was in the mindset to get rid of stuff, but I didn't end up using it.

Who's Down - This is an app by Google to set up groups to hang out. Currently only people with a ".edu" e-mail can sign up to potentially be invited to try the app. I'm already over it. BYE FELICIA.

News & Weather - I was mostly looking for a better way to check the weather, and I figured Google is awesome, so this News & Weather app from Google would be awesome. It wasn't. Disappointed. 3/10.

Todoist - I was looking for an alternative way to track my daily to do list, and looking for something that Wunderlist and Google Keep didn't have. I thought maybe Todoist would be cool, and it had a lot of downloads. It requires an account to log into the app, so that you can log in on a computer and also to keep all of your tasks synced in the cloud. It looked to me like this app was going to push buying the premium version, and I didn't want to mess with that. I'm also trying to limit the number of things I have to remember an account for, so I didn't want to mess with that either.

Are any of the apps I uninstalled ones that you think I should reinstall? Let me know!



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