Wednesday, October 28, 2015

No Shave November - Conservation

I've had a beard for almost a year now. I've only been clean shaven with a razor blade maybe 5 times in the last year. In the past year, I've saved a lot of money on razor blades. Shaving cream should last a decent amount of time, so I don't think I've saved a lot of money on shaving cream. I've been using an electric trimmer to trim my beard and keep it somewhat presentable.

I'm not advocating that all men grow their beards out to help save the earth. There was a time when I enjoyed having a shaved face. I know some people need to have their faces shaved for work, and I understand that. I personally like having facial hair, and at the same time, I realize not shaving every day is good for the earth.

I don't recycle the shaving cream cans. I'm not sure if you can. I have quite a few old razors laying around that I should probably just throw away. My plan right now is to do No Shave November, like I've done every year for the past 8 years. I will post before and after pictures, because I think they're cool. I encourage everyone, Men and Women, to do No Shave November. I enjoy the idea of it, and I don't really care if people find it disgusting.



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