Monday, October 26, 2015

Money Spent on Food - Part II

I made an introductory post about the money I spent on food on the 14th of this month - (Money Spent on Food). It was eye opening to see how much money I was spending compared to a standard set by the USDA. I am going to spend this entire week tracking how money I spend on food. I calculated yesterday's and today's cost on food, see the chart below. 

1/2 Pizza$6.99Banana $0.27
1 Coke Life$0.502 bread$0.37
1 Cup of Almond Milk$0.371 cheese$0.19
2 mayo scoops$0.07
1 pop$1.81
frosted flakes$0.30
1 cup of almond milk$0.37
So judging off of my food from Sunday, you may think that I don't care about Health. Monday isn't much better, but a little bit. My diet (diet meaning food that I eat, not the buzzword of diet), has slowly been changing, and it's currently a work in progress. 

I'm tracking $'s spent on food, $'s/meal, $'s day, for a few reasons. 
  • To become aware of my spending to stick closer to the standard by the USDA. 
  • I've been reading about recipes about slow cookers, and some of those sites/blogs have it broken down into $'s meal/portion. 
  • A close friend of mine is watching his spending on food, and it made me feel bad about how much money I was spending on food. 

It took some time to enter in my receipt from the grocery store, but it'll pay off if I'm able to come up with a system to consistently track this information. If I come up with a good system, I'll post about it. 

So in the past 2 days, the food that I've eaten has cost me $15.44. This leaves about $50 for the rest of the week to stay within the standard of $65 I set for myself (but haven't been monitoring until now). 



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