Friday, October 16, 2015

Investing Update

I am leaning towards trying to capture dividends from the companies I have invested in. I might not do this with every stock I have, but I will with some. I will be receiving a dividend from AT&T (T) on November 2nd for $0.47. Since I have "captured" this dividend, I sold my 1 share of AT&T stock. 

I bought this 1 share for $32.30 and sold it for for $33.32. I did a limit sell for $33.32 because I wanted to gain a full $1.00 gain on the stock. The Robinhood App doesn't charge commissions, but there is still a $0.01 or $0.02 fee for selling a stock. So $33.32 - $0.02 - $1.00 = $32.30. 

Between the gain from the stock and the dividend, I made/will make - $0.47 dividend + $1.00 gain = $1.47 total gain. My total gain divided by the initial stock of the price, $1.47/$32.30 = 4.55% gain. I'm happy with this return on investment. 

I have a few other dividends I've captured, and I will probably sell those stocks once their value rises above the price I bought them for. 


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